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  1. Maria Zoltowski says:

    Is there a link to share this info on my Facebook site? I just saw the movie aired on TCM recently and I am ordering the book through Amazon. I would love to share this article with all who see my FB site. Thank you.

  2. Denise Bickmore says:

    Could you please tell me when the updated version of “Bridge to the Sun” will be published? I just read about it in a review of “A Child of Two Empires in an Age of Nuclear War.” I’m very interested in reading both, but want the latest edition.


  3. Mary June Brunker says:

    When I was the sixties , there was a movie every Saturday afternoon on television. One Saturday was Bridge to the Sun. I never forgot the story. I found the good years later in my church library . This year, 2015, I ordered the DVD of the movie. I kept putting off watching the movie. Then, this week August 13, 14, 15…the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII was in the news. I knew why I had waited …..I cried just as much as I did in my early teens when I saw it for the first time. I wonder about Mariko and her sons and their involvement in peace movement with what is going on today with America’ s involvement in a war since 2003…And I was fortunate to work as a tour guide for 10 years at the first Toyota Motor Manufacturing plant built in the United States .

    • musicalcole says:

      Thanks for contacting us. So gratified to learn that the Terasaki story stuck with you. My son founded No More Victims, and you can learn about his work here: Let us all work for peace in this dark time for people and the planet.

  4. Dear Mrs. Miller Terasaki,
    it was many years ago that we bought the book written by your mother, Gen Terasaki. I have read it many times, the last time quite recently. The reason that the story maybe impressed me most is because having been in Japanese concentration camp in former Dutch East India and having been posted to Japan by my shipping company in 1962-1971 I believe that Japan has become part of me. Please be known that I will enjoy the book again. Hopefully it will survive my readings. Keep well.
    Jac. de Rooij, Breda, The Netherlands.

    • musicalcole says:

      So good to hear from you! I am grateful for your kind message. I hope we will all do everything in our power to take a stand for peace in our violent world.

  5. robert burdick says:

    I have just seen Bridge to the Sun on the Turner Classic Movie channel. It is a beautiful story to me. I was an eigo no sensei (teacher of English) in Kyoto in 1962 and 1963. I revere the time I was in Japan and the wonderful people I met there.

    One of the wonderful memories of that time was when I accompanied students from Kyoto University of a trip that took me to Scotland Point, the most northern point of Japan in Hokkaido. I was told by residents there that I was the first American they had seen. Never to be forgotten was a picnic on the beach with my Kyodai friends and some folks we met there. We feasted on chunkonabi, a stew comprising sea urchins and seaweed we gathered that was cooked over an open fire on the beach. I have so many more wonderful memories of my time in Japan — too many to relate here now.

    Rest assured, I am grateful, now at age 76, to be reminded of my time in Japan by such a wonderful movie as the one your lives have inspired. Domo arigato gozaishimashita! Thank you!

    With sincere appreciation,

    Robert Douglass Burdick

  6. I am co-editor of Shalom: The Jewish Peace Letter. We request permission to reprint without charge Mariko Terasaki Miller’s essay as it appeared in a recent issue of

    Murray Polner

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